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Welcome to FISH BONES
Guided Fly Fishing in the Cayman Islands

Enjoy fly fishing the flats of Grand Cayman for the strong fighting bonefish with one of the Cayman Islands foremost fly fishing guides. Stalk tailing bonefish on the flats that ring the islands or try for the acrobatic tarpon in the backcountry and saltwater creeks.

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May the wind be always at your back and your lines be tight!

~ Davin Ebanks, Owner & Bonefish Guide


October 6, 2012


Wading the saltwater flats of Grand Cayman fly fishing for bonefish last rainy season. A few guide's days off shot with a (not-so-new) GoPro HD held in various creative ways. My good buddy, Capt. T and myself (Davin) experience everything from tropical squalls to picture-perfect bonefishing weather as we stalk the crystal clear waters of this tropical paradise.

Let the good times roll!

(Oh, those crystal clear fish shots? Yeah, an after-market anti-blur underwater lens cover.)

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(Why Anyone Should Care What I Think About Fly Lines)


Visit Flatswalker fly fishing blogDuring season I’m on the water 4-8 hrs a day, 4-5 days a week. I’ve been doing this for about 12 years now. That’s a lot of sun and salt… and bonefish. Nevertheless, I don’t think I expect much from a fly line. It should be able to cast, withstand the tropical sun and float. Basic stuff. Of course, it should do that with a minimum of fuss and maintenance—spray it off at the end of the day and maybe I slap a bit of line lube/cleaner on it once a fortnight, but that’s about it.

Not too surprisingly there are many lines out there that meet the criteria. What is surprising is there are still those that don’t. (Read more...)

Visit Flatswalker fly fishing blogThat says it all, really. Read the rantings, musings, and general pontification of Fish Bones' own Davin Ebanks (me). Each post is embued with all the grace, humor, and reflective thought that any fly fisher (hopefully) accumulates over years of trying to fool some of the wariest fish on earth.

PULP FLY: Vol. 1
Fly Fishing Fiction Anthology

March, 2012

Pulp Fly Vol. 1 on AmazonGuide Davin Ebanks pens a compelling tale of a guide caught in the circular rhythm of fishing, in this newly released anthology.

The title, ”°Pulp Fly”± plays on the pulp fiction phenomenon of the early 20th century, when an explosion of periodicals published on cheap paper brought new and unconventional voices to a wide audience. History is being repeated in the 21st century with the advent of the e-book, an inexpensive way to bring new fly-fishing writing to ”°print.”±

Pulp Fly was created to offer a new venue for fresh perspectives on sporting topics, for talented writers emerging and well-known; to circumvent the cumbersome and expensive process of print book publishing and take advantage of new technologies to reach new audiences.

Read an excerpt here.

Dick Brown's Bonefish Fly Patterns 2nd Ed. on Amazon"Dear Mr. Brown,
One fly that seemed missing from [the original] book was a shrimp fly that both acted and looked like a shrimp."

So, I whipped up a few samples, took some hi-rez images, and sent the lot off. That was that. I never heard another peep until this morning when, out of curiosity, I checked his site for the release date of the book. Imagine my surprise when I saw my name under the list of new tiers and flies!

The book is out now and if you’re a bonefisher or plan to become one this is a MUST HAVE for your fly-tying desk.

Fly Casting Tip#1: Keeping your Elbow down
(Inspired by our love of teaching and the huge influx of first-time bonefishers we have as guests, we decided to put together a few simple tips to help improve your chances for success on the flats. our first explains the advantages of keeping your elbow down.
double click to view full-screen)
More Casting Videos Here

Recommended Flies

Cayman Fly Selection If you've ever watched with a sinking heart as your guide poked through your flyboxes, ignoring all your carefully chosen flies you'll know the importance of local fly selection. Learn which flies work and why. Find recipies, fly tying step-by-step, and more...

"The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of that which is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope."
     ~Author Unknown

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