Gurgler Tarpon Fly

One of the best Cayman Tarpon Flies. I coach anglers to fish this with very short, very sharp strips. Get that fly to blop, blop, blop!

A bright-colored Gurgler makes a great searching fly for Cayman’s backwater tarpon. It will call any fish that are in the area, and they often follow it and strike alarmingly close to the rod-tip. That’s why I like to put in long pauses in my stripping: to give the tarpon a chance to find the fly in the tannin-stained water. Also, keep stripping all the way back to the rod tip. Trust me; I’ve seen many tarpon hooked inches from the tip. Oh, and this flies a great candidate for a weedguard, so you can throw close to the mangroves without fear!

Hook : #2 Mustad Signature Big Game
Thread : Black
Body : Crystal Chenille, Orange or  Chart.
Collar : Hackle, Grizzly, Palmered
Tail : Bucktail, Orange or Chart.
Back : Foam Strip, 1/8-inch thick
Weed-Guard : 20-lb Mono Loop
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