Our Favorite Bonefish & Tarpon Flies

Cayman Saltwater Flies & Recipes

Need flies? Here are the best Cayman bonefish and tarpon flies. Click to see details and fly tying recipes. Some are super-easy to tie and some have a few too many parts, but all catch fish. Of course, there are other flies that work as well, but these are a few of my favorites patterns for Grand Cayman bonefish, tarpon, snook, jacks, cudas, and snappers. (Note that all the bonefish flies have weed guards.)

Want more advice, how-to’s, recipes and tying tips? Check out the links to some good folks who can provide the right stuff for bonefish, tarpon, snook or permit, many of whom also sell flies.

Learn how to tie our favorite bonefish fly here.

Custom Fly Orders

If you’d like to custom-order any of the flies below contact saltflies[at]yahoo[dot]com. (address rearranged to prevent robots and spam). You’ll be in touch with Carson, a young fly-tier and angler that’s showing a lot of promise and has been working with us to replicate some of our best-producing patterns—Artisanal, made in the USA.