Hot-Legs Crazy Charlie Bonefish Fly

This bonefish fly is made for mixed bottom—sand and grass—that can be so frustrating to fish over. You need something small and neutral, but visible. I like the orange tips of the legs on this one, plus the sparse body means it sinks fast. Again, this one is for less-than-calm conditions where bonefish won’t mind a little “plop” when the fly lands. Can also be tied smaller and lighter for tailing bones.

Hook : #6-#4 Mustad Signature Big Game
Thread : Gotcha/Shrimp Pink
Weight : Bead-Chain, Med-Large
Wing : Fox Fur, Natural
Tail : Hot-Legs Silly-Legs, Pink/Clear
Flash : Flashabou, Crystal
Body : Diamond Braid, Pearl 
Weed-Guard : 20-lb Mono Prong
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