Cayman Bonefish Crab Fly

This is probably the simplest crab I’ve ever tied. Basically it’s 3 strands of yarn tied side-ways on a hook, lead eyes, and rubber legs. My favorite part is how easy the legs are: just flip the fly over and tie them in right behind the lead eyes. That way they’re on the bottom of the fly (it rides hook point up) and are less likely to foul around the hook.

Main thing to remember is this is a crab fly. Fish it like a crab: medium pull and stop. Watch for the pickup and strip strike. Remember, crabs swim away then hide on the bottom. They don’t keep swimming when they see a bonefish bearing down. That’s unnatural, and sometimes bones seem to know it.

Hook : #6-#4 Mustad Signature Big Game
Thread : Hot Pink
Weight : Lead Dumbbell, Mini-Small 
Tail : Marabou, Tan or Salmon
Body : Sparkle Yarn, Tan & Pink
Legs : Silli-Legs, Fire-Tip, Orange/Clear
Flash : Gold & Crystal Flashabou
Weed-Guard : 20-lb Mono Prong
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