Rocketman-Striptease Bonefish Fly

Another great fly by Dick Brown, I call this one the “Sparkplug”, because that’s what it sounds like when it lands. Plus, it’s pretty dang bright underwater. It’s a HUGE pain to tie (for a primitive saltwater fly tier like myself) but bones sure do love it. Check out tying instructions here.

I fish this pattern in the deep “white holes” during flood tides when the bones are cruising for crabs and sandfleas and the water is a little milky. I like to cast it a good bit ahead of the fish and wait till it gets close to strip. Usually this one works well with the classic strip-pause-strip retrieve. Feel for the take in that deeper water.

As for materials, feel free to experiment. I’m not even sure what the original dubbing for the body was supposed to be, but I mixed a little generic dubbing material with some Hareline UV-Ice Dubbing to get a semi-translucent, slightly flashy body. It worked great. Tie a variety of body colors—white, tan, grey, pink, etc—to match conditions or prey species.

Hook : #6-#4 Mustad Signature Big Game
Thread : Gotcha or Hot Pink
Weight : Lead Dumbbell, Small / Bead-Chain, Med.
Body : Dubbing, Synthetic Sand
Mouth : Craft Fur or Dubbing, Hot Orange
Feelers : Crystal Flash, Black & Crystal
Legs : Silli-Legs, Fire Tip, Orange/Clear
Eyes : Burnt Mono
Tail : Craft Fur, Sand/Tan
Weed-Guard : 20-lb Mono Prong
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