Black Death Muddler Cayman Tarpon Fly

Juvenile Cayman tarpon simply love top-water, especially earl-morning and dusk. This Muddler-style fly has a softer presentation than a popper, and lots of motion when just sitting and the dark colors make for a strong silhouette in low-light conditions. Mix up the strip on this. Tarpon sometimes act like bass and will hit a fly just sitting. Other times you gotta keep it moving. I like short, sharp strips with any top-water fly to kick up a nice wake and make plenty of noise. Especially in the tannin-stained Cayman backwaters tarpon feel rather than see flies at a distance, so noise can be your friend. Splat that fly down, give a twitch and hold on. Oh, and tie lots; the mangroves are always hungry.

Hook : #2-1/0 Mustad Signature Tarpon
Thread : Black
Head : Deer Hair, Black, Spun
Tail : Marabou, Red
Flash : Gold & Crystal Flashabou
Weed-Guard : 20-lb Mono Loop
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